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‘Poo Bomber,’ Woman Who Shoplifts and Poops in Stores, Baffles Police

Photo Credit: Yahoo News

Just when you thought the world’s events couldn’t get any stranger, Australian news outlets are reporting several incidents that have landed one woman, whose name has not been released and is only known as the “Poo Bomber,” in hot water.

According to The Daily Telegraph and Yahoo News, the 42-year-old Australian woman allegedly visits stores, shoplifts, and then, presumably because of the rush of adrenaline she receives from her crimes, defecates in her victims’ retail outlets.

One police incident report states:

[The woman] stood still with her legs partially apart between a row of display stands.

The accused has looked around before shaking her buttocks and flicking part of her dress near the buttock region.

It is at this time that the accused has defecated on the shop floor before walking away.

[She took] possession of a tea towel [and used it] to wipe her buttocks [before] throwing it under a display stand.

In another incident, the woman targeted Shop Pharmacy in Campbelltown Mall, where she “went into the squat position,” resulting in a “dysfunction in aisle three.”

The woman was released on a 15-month good behavior bond but is due back in court after stealing a drill from a home goods store and allegedly striking a residential home. While the woman has ‘left her mark,’ as it were, in all her retail targets, police say the residential target contained no evidence that the woman had defecated there “because you can’t unflush a toilet.”

The woman’s lawyer, Ben Archbold, commented:

My client has a mental illness and has quite clearly fallen through the cracks of the mental health support available in the community. She would be assisted if you just left her alone.

Though the extent of her mental health issues is unknown, the woman does self-identify as a kleptomaniac.

I’m of the firm belief that mental disorders are serious business (the fact that I suffer from clinical anxiety myself being only one of the many reasons why), but this is a new one to me, and it has drawn some reactions of amusement from area residents. I can only imagine store/home owners and witnesses may have been a bit less amused, however.

In all seriousness, I hope authorities figure out how to get this woman the help she needs, and I hope Australia’s stores and homes can once again carry on with life as normal — and poo-free, of course.