Rapper / actor Ludacris shows us the powerful impact of paying it forward when he makes a stranger's day in Whole Foods.
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Ludacris Surprises Down-And-Out Shopper By Buying Her Groceries

Rapper / actor Ludacris shows us the powerful impact of paying it forward when he makes a stranger's day in Whole Foods.

LUDAAAAAA! Man, this guy does it all, doesn’t he? Although he started on the scene as a rapper, he’s also known for his stellar acting (Yeah, there are all the Fast and Furious movies, but have you seen Crash?), and we can’t forget his freestyle reading of Llama Llama Red Pajama, as well as his philanthropic work through the Ludacris Foundation. There’s so much to love.

(I DO move when you move, Luda. I do, just like you tell me to.)

But now a new story about who Chris Bridges really is has gone viral on social media. And it’s a good one.

In a Facebook post shared on July 30, Therra Cathryn, a writer and resident of Nottinghamshire, U.K., says her world was falling apart after her hot water heater went out and she wasn’t paid a check she was owed. Her financial situation was in bad shape:

It’s just me who is responsible for taking care of everything now – the house, the property, four rescued dogs, two rescued cats, an elderly, blind chicken named Dixie Licklighter, my disabled brother…and myself. There is no one else to do it. It’s all on me. I was too embarrassed to say out loud I was having financial difficulty but it was a solid problem. I was making rice for me and the dogs to eat. I was losing sleep. I was crying daily. I rationed gas in my car.

And, like anyone else facing such hardship and uncertainty, Cathryn confessed:

I felt like shit. Like a loser. It was breaking me in pieces.

But thankfully a friend she calls Miracle Mary sent her a gift card to Whole Foods to help lift her spirits and get Cathryn back on her feet a bit.

Using the clever wit she’s known for, the writer says:

I went to a Whole Foods across town with a dream of hummus and fresh food. Real dog food for the pups. Maybe a pizza with roasted exotic toppings. Holy shit, Facebookies I wanted to eat like a piranha dropped into a pool party in Vegas.

She added, on a more serious note, that she shopped “with a relief I haven’t felt all month.”

At the checkout, her food (for her pets and herself) accidentally ended up mixed in with the man’s in front of her. But when she tried to separate it out, something unexpected happened:

‘I got this,’ he said. ‘All of this,’ he told me. All of my groceries.

And when they hugged it out and she fought back tears for the angel she’d met at Whole Foods that day (whom she affectionately called “a black James Bond, like a Batman, like the Black Panther”), she asked him who he was.

He told her his name was Chris, and that he was “just a guy.”

Not a Grammy-award-winning rapper. Or a star in one of the biggest film franchises of the past 20 years. Just a guy doing a kind thing for another human being. A human being who was struggling and needing a boost.

Her post reads:

What Ludacris had no way of knowing is that my husband died of brain cancer and climbing out of that hole, emotionally, physically and financially, has devastated me for most of four years. I won’t lie. I’ve struggled in ways I didn’t know a human could struggle and still survive.

And she goes on to reveal other ways she’s struggled, as well as the amazing and quite humorous moment (after he left) that she learned who he was.

Cathryn ends by saying:

His quiet kindness and generous gesture came at a moment when my candle was out. He used his personal light to fire up my own. Isn’t that what we should be doing for each other? I think it is. Be like Ludacris y’all.

What a beautiful story of the impact one person can have on another. Pay it forward if you can. Be like Ludacris.