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18 Hysterically Relatable Art History Memes That Will Have You Rolling

What makes for perfect memes are their relatability. How many times have you come across one on social media and been like, “OH MY GOD, IT’S LIKE THEY’RE IN MY HEAD!”? Because of this, it’s hard to conceive of any situation in which anything art-history-related could hit the nail on the head (I mean, how relatable can it be?). But when you pair these works of art with captions that perfectly capture the everyday headaches and humor we all encounter, you’ve got a recipe for hilarity.

Whether it’s work-related shenanigans, interactions with the in-laws, or relationship woes, laughing at our shared experiences is how we get through this life. And believe it or not, art history memes are proof that, though the experiences of people today versus those of yore are drastically different, emotions tend to transcend time. One look at the facial expressions and body language of those forever immortalized in famous paintings, combined with the modern struggles we all face at one point or another, is all the confirmation you need.

Check out these hysterically relatable art history memes from Invaluable, and be sure to visit their site for the in-depth history lessons that accompany the images.

Right after you stop rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter, of course.

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See? Olden time people: They’re just like us.

Well, except for the whole not having cell phones or email or WebMD or … you know what? Let’s just go with it.

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