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Are Mommy Bloggers The New Parenting Experts? (VIDEO)

Mommy Bloggers: The New Parenting Experts (VIDEO)
Photo Credit: Dane on flickr

Look anywhere on the internet, and you’re bound to encounter a blog or article aimed at telling you exactly what you’re doing wrong as a parent and what you can do to get your shit together and raise those kids right. Hell, scroll through this blog for a bit and pick any post in the parenting category; even I’m full of advice for handling your kids, whom I’ve never met, and your situation, which I know absolutely nothing about.

Mommy bloggers have become the new parenting experts. Armed with nothing more than I-Have-Rugrats-Too degrees, moms worldwide are taking finger to keyboard to shame you into parenting properly, also known as doing things exactly as they do — no exceptions.

Well, The Onion has taken what most of you are probably thinking and put us know-it-alls on blast. And because I like to laugh at my own flaws and shortcomings, I’m sharing it with you too. Next time you come across an article ripping apart your choice to let your kids cry-it-out or to breastfeed until they’re 16, think of this and smile. Just don’t write what you’re thinking in the comments. Because I’ll be sure to tell you all about how you’re doing that wrong as well. 😉