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Mom Refuses to Pay Babysitter for Services, Blocks Her

Scoring the perfect babysitter is a lot like finding a purple unicorn that poops gold — as in it’s damn near impossible. Which is why once you DO snag one, you should do everything in your power to keep him or her.

Including, oh, I don’t know, PAYING THEM.

One mom, however, doesn’t appear to abide by this policy, as evidenced by a Reddit thread in which a user posted a text exchange between her sister, the babysitter, and the mom.

After performing the agreed-upon duties, the babysitter contacted the mom for payment, only to be met with this instead:

Ice cream and a free day of fun? IS THIS WOMAN SERIOUS? And she just conveniently “forgot” she had discussed payment? Or that nobody except MAYBE close friends and family performs any service without expecting payment, for that matter?

Apparently she was dead serious because she asked the babysitter for proof. Which the babysitter provided.

That settles it then, right? WRONG.

Oh, you delete your messages often. We get it now. 🙄

Did she think because she’d deleted them on her end, they’d be deleted on the babysitter’s end, too? Or perhaps she thinks it’s valid to assume if it’s been deleted from a text message, it’s also been deleted from memory?

And I’m sorry, but the babysitter is stuck up because she expects to be compensated for her work? WHAT?

Damn straight the babysitter deserves her money. Especially after watching the kids for 8 hours. EIGHT HOURS with someone else’s kids. I can hardly stand 8 straight hours with my own. And I don’t think $128 for that work is unreasonable, particularly assuming everyone survived.

Apparently, Mom of the Year here disagrees.

First of all, Mom here is a Grade A Tanglesnatch. Who’s the Cuntasaurus Rex in this scenario? Not the babysitter, Mom. It’s definitely you.

Second of all, that’s pretty generous of the babysitter to even consider lowering the amount due, especially given the mom’s attitude.

Third of all, I would have unleashed the demon souls of a thousand hellbeasts from the depths of Satan’s testicles if this woman had BLOCKED me for requesting what I was owed. Hat tip to the babysitter for showing impressive restraint on that one.

Listen, people. Nobody wants to watch your kids for free. Some people close to you might be willing to do it as a favor. But no one outside friends and family actually ENJOYS it.

Your kids are not anywhere near as cute to someone else as they are to you. This is a job for people. And God bless them for taking it on. The least you can do is pay them minimum wage for their efforts, and CERTAINLY pay them what you agreed to beforehand.

No word on whether the babysitter ever got her money. Regardless, I’m hoping she’s put the word out on the child-sitting circuit to steer clear of Shady Sheila here. Because the greatest revenge this babysitter could ever deliver is making sure this mom is never able to find childcare for some time away again.

It’s a rough world out there. Treat the people who provide you your services with respect.