Grover Responds To Controversy: “Yes, I Swear Sometimes. So What?”

By MockMom

Grover here!

Lately, there seems to have been a teensy bit of uproar around when I slipped and said Rosita’s idea was “fucking excellent.”

Yes, I said it, but it was an accident. I got caught up in the moment and had been hanging out with Oscar earlier.

But can I ask, what is the big fucking deal? It’s not like kids don’t hear these words every day.

We have had F as the Letter of the Day more than once. Don’t tell me you never thought it would be funny to educate our kids on the power of a well-placed F-bomb. Hmmmm?

I think we should be teaching kids that there’s no such thing as “bad” words, just “grownup” words. Let’s not forget I, Grover, was born in 1970. I am a grown-ass monster.

And most importantly we should remind children that humans are fallible… monsters, too.

So if you find yourself offended by my language, I am sorry. But may I kindly suggest you find something more fucking important to worry about?