Mom of One Takes Last Two-Seat Cart, Women With Multiple Kids Lose Their Sh*t

Mom-of-One Takes Last Two-Seat Cart; Women with Multiple Kids Lose their Sh*t

By Anne Metz of Once Upon A Mom

This afternoon at Super Food n’ Stuff, a woman was seen exiting the store with her groceries and just one child in a “two-seater car” grocery cart. The child appeared content, sitting next to his mother’s purse, which was placed conveniently in the second seat.

Shopper Kiersten Newbles spotted the woman as she entered the store. “That was the last two-seat cart,” Newbles stated, clearly frustrated. Newbles pushed her own standard one-seat cart toward the store with a number of children hanging off each end of the cart. “This is going to suck,” Newbles began, but she was interrupted as the cart started to tip over due to the weight of the children on the side and was no longer available for questioning.

Other shoppers with multiple small children also seemed to notice the woman with one child and were seen taking photos of her as she made her way to her car. When approached, the shoppers declined to comment but said they would have “plenty of comments” about it on Facebook later that evening.

When questioned as to why she took the last two-seat cart, the woman replied, “My son asked if he could ride in the car cart. I honestly had no idea it was this big a deal. I’m sure I won’t mind if there are no two-seat carts when I have my second.”


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