Leashed Toddler Can Jump Up, Roll Over


Milwaukee mother Rebecca Simmons uses a safety harness to help control her spirited 2-year-old toddler, Connor, in crowded areas like the zoo, airports, and shopping centers.

“Even in a stroller, he’ll just unbuckle himself and take off in the opposite direction,” Simmons explained during a recent outing to Southridge Mall. “This is the only way I can safely take him in public.”

As the child pulled ahead, she said, “Conner, STAY!”

When he obeyed, she tousled his curly blond hair and added, “Who’s a good boy?”

Though perfectly legal, many passersby give Simmons questioning and disapproving looks for the fuzzy blue restraint system.

“That lady is walking her kid on a leash,” noted local high school student Addison Stuart, as her group of friends snickered at the mother and toddler.

In response, 2-year-old Connor began barking loudly at the teenagers. He then jumped up and down three times and proceeded to roll around on the floor.

“Connor, SIT!” his mother commanded. When the boy sat up, she added, “That’s my good boy! Who wants a treat?”


About the Author

Jacqueline Miller is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in Scary Mommy and Her View From Home. She lives in the Midwest and uses a pseudonym for her family’s privacy. Find her at and on Facebook.