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Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton Giving An Elector The “Love Actually” Treatment Is The Best Gift You’ll Get This Holiday Season

Source: YouTube

Kate McKinnon is the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether she’s inspiring young women with her role in the Ghostbuster’s reboot, dancing with Ellen (as Ellen), or portraying Hillary Clinton on SNL, this woman is a treasure. (Her Clinton character is enough to make me start watching SNL again, and I haven’t paid attention to that show since the 1990s.)

You are probably aware that we recently had a presidential election in which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote while Donald Trump won the electoral college. You have probably also read that some electors have requested intelligence briefings regarding the alleged Russian election hack before casting their vote. Some Clinton supporters are holding out hope that electors might flip and vote for Clinton instead of Trump.

Is there anything Hillary Clinton can do to sway electors? Kate McKinnon’s Clinton tries to do just that, Love Actually style.

Kate McKinnon, to me, you are perfect.