Jasmine... Snow White... Elsa... If Disney princesse were back to school moms, this would be the list.
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If Disney Princesses Were Back-to-School Moms

Jasmine... Snow White... Elsa... If Disney princesse were back to school moms, this would be the list.

By Eileen Turay of Liv&Leen

It’s TIME!! People all around the country have been both anxiously awaiting and/or dreading the days until school is back in session; and the time has finally come. If you’ve ever been a part of the “Back to School” culture, you’ve probably noticed that there are a couple different personalities that tend to repeat themselves every year. Here are seven (obviously exaggerated) of the Disney princesses that show up during back-to-school festivities.

Snow White: We’ve all seen her before. She usually comes in super early and announces that she is a room mom within the first five minutes of speaking with her. She is really organized, helpful, and sickeningly cheerful. She is so perfect it hurts. She already took several pictures of her children in their spotless outfits all while finishing up 35 adorable little welcome gift bags she made for the entire class.

Jasmine: When this mom walks in, we all notice (especially your male counterpart). That’s because aside from having flawless hair, makeup, and body, her outfits would get her dress code violations as a student. She does not look like she had three kids and she flaunts it. All you want is a magic carpet to get you far away from being compared to her.

Sleeping Beauty: Sometimes you never even see her. When you do, she is usually extremely late because she always sleeps past the alarm. She also has such terrible luck because so many of her relatives have become ill or even dead by spinning wheel pricks on many Fridays and Mondays surrounding holidays. You want to hate her, but she is always so darn pleasant.

Elsa: This ice queen is tough to crack. It doesn’t matter how nice you are or how much you try to make her feel better, she always thinks the world is against her. She comes in guns blazing with a defensive demeanor. She really does mean well and would do anything to protect her family, but her delivery is usually not too warm. She is positive that the school regulations were changed just to spite her.

Anna: Bless her heart—she has such good intentions but she always puts her foot in her mouth. One minute she is asking about how to do some volunteer hours, and the next minute she is telling you all about her divorce in 2005, how her sister is too mean to her, and that she loves to binge watch the bachelorette with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s at her side.

Pocahontas: This mom is vegan and her child is allergic to everything. How do you know? She told you as she introduced herself. She only lets her children eat gluten-free and food without animal byproducts. She doesn’t wear deodorant or use medication because there are essential oils for that. She made sure to let you know that she is exempt from vaccinating her child for religious reasons, but she treats herself to Botox.

Merida: Two words: Hot. Mess. This mom comes in with one child in one arm, one hanging upside down in the other, two behind her that she’s lost complete view of, and another one she forgot at home. Her coffee cup has been on the roof of her car since yesterday morning, and she was happy enough to have found some high chair crumbs to snack on before starting her day (and I’m pretty sure I just saw a grape fall from her hair). She is as sweet as can be if you can understand what she is asking you, and you have no idea how she does it all.

To ALL of you moms out there: Happy back-to-school! You’re all amazing no matter how you keep it together.

This post was originally published on Liv&Leen.


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