I Am Tolerant of All Parenting Styles But Also Think Yours Kinda Sucks But Still Think We Should Support Each Other

By Lola Lolita

Look. I know there are, like, zillions of parenting methods out there, and that’s fine. Parenting is hard. Beyond hard, actually. Each person has to do what’s right for her family. And we should all support one another.

If you want to bottle feed or have to for medical reasons or whatever, that’s cool. It’s your choice. I think everyone should at least try to breastfeed their babies until second grade, but I realize not everyone is me, and that’s OK, I guess. However you need to feed your family, whether it be through nature’s miracle nectar or some powdery substance filled with preservatives and poisonous chemicals, so be it. We should just support each other’s choices when it comes to feeding our kids, you know?

And just because I choose to wear my baby round the clock doesn’t mean you have to as well. Maybe showering your precious gifts from God with love 100 percent of the time isn’t for you. Who am I to judge? A lot of neglected children grow up to function just fine in society. I mean, take a look at the Duggars, for example.

As far as discipline is concerned, if telling your kids “no” once in a while works for you, I think that’s great. Personally, I like to raise independent thinkers who learn about the world in which they live by making their own conscious decisions rather than relying on my direction, but that’s not for everyone. Some people need to exert all the power in a relationship in order to feed their own insecurities, and I get that. We’re all different people with varying life experiences, and if some of us want to raise our kids to thrive while others of us want them to grow up without any problem-solving skills of their own, that’s our right, isn’t it?

And let’s not forget about the choices we make when it comes to educating our young. I want my kids to grow up with a solid sense of our family’s values, so I choose to homeschool. Some people send their kids to public school, which is perfectly acceptable for those looking to raise sheeple who jump and salivate on command like Pavlov’s dog. It doesn’t matter whether you want to raise well-adjusted adults who learn to think for themselves or institutionalized drones who learn about sex on the playground and become brainwashed by political correctness. What matters in the end is that you’re educating your kids.

I just really think it’s important that we show our fellow brothers and sisters in this parenting game that we’ve got each other’s backs regardless of whether they choose to parent according to highly-effective, research-based parenting practices or outdated, barbaric child-rearing methods.

Because it’s simply the right thing to do.


About the Author

Lola Lolita is the founder and editor-in-chief of Sammiches and Psych Meds. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.