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These Hilarious Tweets About the Joys of the PTA Are Everything

The PTA does good things for our kids. We know that. But can we just throw them some cash and not actually work at the bake sale and have to talk to people?

Ah, back to school season. Kids have fresh new shoes with the soles still attached. Lunches are packed again with fruit they won’t eat. And library books are already missing.

It’s good times.

But by far the best part of this time of year is the guilt we feel when that dreaded PTA flyer comes home in our kids’ backpacks.

We know the PTA does good things. We appreciate their hard work, as they truly do so much for our kids. But can we just throw them some cash rather than volunteering to work at the bake sale next week? No? I really need to be there? Like wear a bra and and talk to people?

*Cries while signing volunteer form.

But yeah, the PTA is here to stay and for good reason. Lord knows I’m not shelling out any extra dough for new band uniforms or basketballs for P.E. class.  So here are some funny tweets from parents who feel the same about the all powerful PTA.

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Anybody else feel these?