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Twitter’s Best Responses to Trump’s Insanely Stupid Global Warming Tweet

At 1:01 am Friday morning, the president took to his favorite platform for confirming his stupidity and tweeted the dumbest shit to ever dumb about global warming:

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. This clown’s dumbfuckery knows no bounds. I mean, he puts out so much bullshit, the news cycle can’t even keep up.

But Twitter did as Twitter does and replied to the world’s biggest buffoon with a series of responses that pretty much sums up the reactions of anyone with an IQ over that of a zygote (that’s a fertilized egg for the science-challenged among us, including the POTUS):

Not everyone was quick to shoot back with insults, though. Some people, despite knowing the futile nature of doing so, actually attempted to help educate the man in charge of all of our futures:


Of course, that would require the POTUS and those who believe his views on climate change to actually use their eyes for reading something other than retweeted anti-Muslim memes and claims that everything they don’t agree with is “fake news.” It was a nice thought, though.

For those who are actually curious about climate change and aren’t allergic to legitimate knowledge and education and shit, Dr. Nicoll of the University of Utah has provided a comprehensive, relatively insult-free response to the misconceptions prevalent in the POTUS’s tweet on Facebook:

If you’re still clinging to what I can only imagine is your last thread of support for this intellectually-challenged lump of brain rot, please, just let it go. Not liking Obama or liberal politics DOES NOT mean you have to throw your full weight behind this disgrace to humanity.

There are plenty of other deserving politicians who share your views that you could endorse. Literally anyone else.