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Brilliant Partyers Bypass Alcohol Ban By Building Own Island in International Waters

Have you ever been determined enough to let nothing — and I do mean NOTHING — stand in your way of a good time that you’d go so far as to build your own island just to ensure no man-made law could poop on your parade? That’s what a group of New Zealanders did in an effort to bypass local regulations prohibiting alcohol consumption in public places.

According to BBC, the festive faction fashioned their own island — made of sand, atop which stood a picnic table and ice box — off the coast of the┬áCoromandel peninsula during low tide and spent New Year’s Eve drinking, watching fireworks, and enjoying one another’s company in the “international waters” of the Tairua estuary.

Facebook / Tairua ChitChat

While local police reportedly viewed the group’s antics as clever, local organizer Noddy Watts commented on a more serious note that the alcohol ban, which presented violators with a potential $250 fine or imprisonment as punishment, was not effective, resulting in arrests of mainly teenagers whose parents, in his opinion, should be the ones dealing with punishment rather than police.

I’m not going to lie. I have to give this group props for their ingenuity and willingness to stick it to the man, as it were. Seems like a bit of harmless fun, something I’m always down for.

On the other hand, however, as a late-30-something, overtired, overworked mom of 3 whose idea of a good time these days is getting 1 freaking hour alone to poop or binge-watch as many Netflix episodes as I can before somebody loses their shit or I pass out from exhaustion by 9 pm, this also seems like a lot of unnecessary work just for the privilege of giving myself a major hangover from imbibing while watching fireworks that are inevitably going to keep my kids up all night and make the dog poop on the good rug.

In the end, nobody was hurt and everyone had a blast, which is all the more reason I send these people a hat tip.

I just hope their New Year’s Day wasn’t spent dealing with sleep-deprived children and cleaning up dog crap. Because mine was, and I didn’t even get to festoon a private island of fun for myself.

On second thought, maybe I will try something similar next year. At least then I will have enjoyed myself to the max before suffering the same next-day consequences anyway.