Foot Contouring for Your Preschooler

Foot Contouring for Your Preschooler

By Michelle Poston Combs of Rubber Shoes In Hell

Exciting news! Baby Luvs Mommy has added Foot Contouring to their menu of services.

Baby Luvs Mommy provides a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere for mommies and babies to bond. Baby Luvs Mommy combines educational play with exclusive spa services, providing balance, which every mother needs to have for a fighting chance at successful motherhood.

Baby Luvs Mommy continues testing programs and evolving products which help mothers build a solid foundation on which your daughter thrives. Baby Luvs Mommy also provides spa services that cater to a mother’s every need. Even the made-up needs.

Foot contouring rounds out our impressive spa experiences. Foot contouring is the art of staining feet. Shadows are created, giving feet a longer and more slender appearance. A relaxing procedure, foot contouring gives you and your daughter feet that look sultry in a sandal regardless of the size of the sandal.

Fancy footwork doesn’t have to just be for mommies. A slender, attractive foot is desirable at any age. Grandma might love her granddaughter’s chubby little tootsies, but we know that a slight and shapely foot in the right shoe wows the preschool admissions panel.

Experts everywhere point to the importance the contour of a woman’s feet has on her overall beauty, confidence and basic worth as a human being. It’s vital that our daughters are taught at a young age about the importance of the contour of their feet. Young girls should understand their foot contours are probably wrong.

Jill St. Worthingham of Wiltshire Grove, Ohio writes:

Foot contouring has literally changed my entire family’s lives for the better. My husband, Wilfred, and I were blessed early on with two sons, Howell and Thurston. Our daughter came along, and I have found the issues with raising daughters are a little more challenging than those of raising sons. For instance, take my daughter Peony.

Peony has all the desirable angles one wants to see in a female toddler, but her feet are just a little too chubby. I was stressed and frankly, quite sad most days as I was unable to find the right pair of shoes that would flatter my daughter’s repulsive feet. No matter what I did, her feet swelling out of her shoes looked like tiny corn muffins baking. I was beside myself. I couldn’t care for the rest of the family in the manner they deserved. Not when I had to find a way to make sure my baby’s feet were as beautiful as the rest of her.

Then I learned that Baby Luvs Mommy started offering foot contouring for the little ones, and our prayers were answered. How can anyone deny there is a God when he made it possible for us to develop a process to correct the hideous mistakes nature made with my baby girl’s feet? She looks adorable in strappy little sandals now. She just spoke her first full sentence recently. She said, “Mommy, no more paint feet.” We laughed and laughed. They are so adorable at this age. Our weekly foot contouring is well worth the money, no matter what Wilfred says. I can’t recommend foot contouring enough. Baby Luvs Mommy also has a lovely mommy/daughter caviar facial. Peony’s skin absolutely glows afterward.

For a limited time, Baby Luvs Mommy is offering three foot contouring sessions for baby and mommy, along with a choice between an afternoon of chakra massage or baby botox for only $299.99.

Baby Luvs Mommy is also offering a placenta body wrap with a commemorative pacifier for half price.

Fall classes are filling up. Additional classes have been added. Baby Luvs Mommy will be offering ‘Advanced Self-Actualizing Belly Dancing’ and ‘Deep Meditation: Is it Possible in a Wet Diaper?’

Don’t forget the importance of helping our daughters build a strong sense of self. How better than by showing them the preferred methods they can use to correct the plethora of flaws and imperfections they have?


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Michelle Poston Combs can be found at her blog Rubber Shoes In Hell. Her work can also be found on The Huffington Post, Better After 50, Club Mid and Scary Mommy. She had an essay in Jen Mann’s latest anthology, I Still Just Want To Pee Alone. She was also in the 2015 Indianapolis cast of Listen To Your Mother.