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Fendi Is Selling a Labia Shawl and You Can’t Make This Up

It would seem vagina necklaces and diamond penis-shaped pendants are not enough for fashion designers. They’ve got to go ahead and take it to the next level with fur kitty shawls as well.

Fendi is selling a pink labia-folds-inspired shawl. With fur. And nobody in the marketing department took a look at it and thought, “You know what, that looks an awful lot like somebody’s pink lady. Pass.”

Perhaps Fendi is trying to jump on the pussy hat train about two years too late. Or maybe they’ve misconstrued this whole women’s empowerment moment the country is embracing and thought what we gals really needed was to parade around town in a genital-themed scarf in bad need of a Brazilian.

If I wanted to wear a cooter around my neck, I’d just give one of my besties a shoulder ride around the neighborhood. And I wouldn’t be out $990 for it, either. (Yes, that’s really what they’re charging.)

Pink pussy not your style? There’s a red and a blue fur-adorned pleasure tunnel available, too. For the ladies who want to recreate that look that came after they went a little too hard at Jazzercycle class or just pushed out a baby. Or for those who prefer a more punk-inspired penis fly trap.

Either way, if you want to shell out a mortgage payment to look like your neck is giving birth to your head, the designers over at Fendi have got you covered.

Fendi: “Daring creativity and craftsmanship since 1925.” Labia sweaters since 2018.

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