As we all know, the comment section is typically where the most vile creatures lurk, just waiting to espouse their intellectually-devoid nonsense to anyone who will give them attention.
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You Eat Pieces of Sh*t For Breakfast?

I can’t believe it’s come to this, but apparently it has to be said, DO NOT EAT YOUR OWN POOP! Ok, so it’s just a meme aimed at getting across the point of being safe during a time in which the average person knows very little, and should rely upon the experts.

Look, nobody likes masks. Nobody likes enforcing mask policies, or missing out on concerts and sporting events, or having to take on the role of teacher while simultaneously trying to complete their own work from the comfort of their own prison. Nobody. This shit sucks, and that’s something we can all agree on. So why are we all fighting?

I’ll be the first one to say that I know relatively nothing about viruses. I don’t understand the complexities of some microscopic murderer floating through the air. It’s not tough to admit that, and I don’t feel stupid for saying it. Do you know what smart people do? They surround themselves with other smart people in a variety of areas, and listen to what they say. On the other hand, stupid people are embarrassed of their ignorance, and try to paint others as dumb to elevate themselves. Classic moron move.

So it’s really not surprising when I see comments like what popped up on this meme:

As we all know, the comment section is typically where the most vile creatures lurk, just waiting to espouse their intellectually-devoid nonsense to anyone who will give them attention. Maybe they just weren’t hugged enough as a child. I can’t get into the origin story of the troll right now. So instead, I’ll treat this more like a discussion. A philosophical hug, if you will. Ok, [deep breath] here we go!

When the government is being directed by experts in various fields, and seemingly has very little to gain by putting restrictive mandates in place, sure, I guess I probably will. That doesn’t mean we have to throw common sense out the window, but there’s a whole lot of gray area with all of this. Additionally, if the government decides to pivot on something, it’s probably because new information came to light, and decisions were made based on the best knowledge the experts have at the time. This isn’t about being some compliant drone without the ability to make our own choices. It’s about listening to smart people with professional investments in being right.

Furthermore, it’s not about them telling you what to do with YOUR life. They’re telling us that if we don’t make some sacrifices, people will die. Admittedly, I’m in a very lucky circumstance where I don’t have a business I’m trying to keep afloat, or any of the other devastating hardships that some people are facing. But I have a feeling that this comment wasn’t addressing those nuanced issues, but rather trying to make some “people are sheep” point. Keep raging against the machine, and live your best life. I hope your choices don’t cause someone else to be unable to enjoy those personal freedoms. You know, because they contracted an incurable virus, due to your inability to give up happy hour Megaritas with the girls.

They do, and they should. But sometimes people in power feel like they’re above the law. Like when police officers speed without cause, or chefs stick their finger in the sauce to check for taste. Sure, these actions could have consequences, and they should each be held accountable for not following the rules. That’s what cancel culture is for. This is the classic “if your friend jumps off a bridge, would you jump too” situation. Is it hypocritical when leaders don’t follow the rules they enforce? Of course. But it’s not like they are privy to some sort of grand conspiracy. They’re just being assholes. This is a great opportunity to rise above.

Absolutely! Is it possible that this is all a “scamdemic,” as the foil-heads call it? Maybe. Again, there seems to be VERY little to gain by tanking the economy, causing unrest, and inviting death threats and kidnapping plots by domestic terrorists. The amount of moving parts that would have to work together to make this conspiracy work is astounding.

Is it within the realm of possibility that the scientists are wrong about the efficiency of masks, social distancing, and other measures put in place to combat this virus? Of course. I mean, there’s quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that even civilians like you and I can understand, but it wouldn’t be the first time that science was wrong about something. That’s kinda what science is. A process. There’s nothing nefarious at play.

Is it possible that poop tastes delicious? Yep. Based on all of the current knowledge I have up to this point, I’m betting that it doesn’t. And if someone tried it, and said it tasted like, well, shit, I would sure as hell listen to them.

In then end, it’s just a meme, intended to make people laugh. If you’re really offended by it, then maybe it hits a little too close to home, Shooter.