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Delta Joins the Airline Abuse Movement After Kenny G Holds Impromptu Concert for Passengers

Delta Airlines passengers got a special surprise on Saturday when Kenny G busted out his trusty saxophone mid-flight.

It all started when Kenny G was chatting with an off-duty Delta flight attendant whose daughter died of brain cancer (FYI, you can’t type his first name without also including the “G”; it’s science). The employee then asked Kenny G (or just “G”; I don’t even know anymore) if he might subject treat the captive audience passengers to a headache impromptu concert to raise $2,000 for the American Cancer Society. K-Geezy was happy to sax things up, and reportedly paraded the aisles with his jazz instrument. And also his saxophone.

The flight was en route to Los Angeles from Tampa, which is like 4 hours (or 47 hours in Kenny G years), so here’s how I imagine it went down from a passenger’s perspective:

Oh God, am I really trapped in an aluminum sky bus with Kenny G blowing elevator music directly into my ear canal? And I thought being sat next to the chatty body odor guy who took his shoes off was bad enough.

Is this a time machine taking us back to the 1990s? Is Michael Bolton about to bust out of the lavatory and join him? Or maybe David Copperfield will materialize out of thin air and provide illusions?

Is this a shakedown? Why is Kenny G wearing shoulder pads? Does he always wear shoulder pads? I’ll bet his pajamas have shoulder pads.

Is Kenny G really ransoming our sanity right now for charity? Pearl, how much money do you have on you? Please say $2,000 cash. Please say $2,000 cash. Will he take a check? Or Delta Airlines miles? Or a drink voucher?

Which reminds me, I need a drink or 20. Where is United Airlines to drag your bloodied body off a plane when you need them?

Here, take all my money, just make it stopppppp!!!!!!

On a happy note (see what I did there?), the mop-headed musician was able to raise that $2,000 for the American Cancer Society, but I have a sneaking suspicion 99% of the passengers were forking over donations to get him to stop playing his fucking saxophone in a confined space.

You can view the entire video here: