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Mom Furious After Daycare Writes Note on Son’s Stomach in Marker

For the working parents out there, daycare is a blessing. I know for our family, our community education center has been a godsend. Not only did my kids absolutely love their teachers and the program, but they also made great friends and learned some valuable life skills in the process.

But not every daycare is wonderful, as single mom Heather Chisum recently discovered.

After picking her two boys up after work, Chisum returned home, went to change her son’s diaper, and found the following note written on his stomach in marker:

“Mom I’m out of diapers pls read my report.”

Photo Credit: Heather Chisum on Facebook

Chisum was understandably upset, as any parent might be, and took to Facebook to determine if her rage was well-placed:

Am I right to be furious about this? Or am I over reacting?

Everyday when I pick Fin and Milo up from daycare they put a daily report paper in Milos lunch box.

I’m a single mom with a full time job and two very young children. SUE ME FOR NOT READING THE REPORT EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I guess yesterday they wrote on his report that he needs diapers, and I failed to see that. If I failed to see that he needs diapers a simple, ‘Hey Heather, your son needs diapers maybe you missed the report’ would have done the trick. From any of the many teachers there I see daily.

UM, NO, HEATHER. You are not overreacting. I would have been furious as well.

First of all, what gives anyone the right to think they can deface another human’s body without consent? Furthermore, there are about a million other ways they could have communicated Chisum’s need to bring in diapers for her son. A MILLION. None of which include vandalizing a poor toddler’s epidermis.

Perhaps even worse is the fact that Chisum couldn’t get the writing OFF her son’s body.

I’ve scrubbed it with several baby wipes and it’s not coming off.

In the very worst case scenario, I can’t see anything other than “need diapers” needing to be written. Why a big long message needed to be written across my sons stomach is beyond me.


Photo Credit: Heather Chisum on Facebook

If you thought that was the worst of it, you thought wrong, because according to Chisum, this isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this.

I mean, WHAT?

The overwhelming majority of commenters on Chisum’s post agree that this daycare saw the line and then jumped over it with both feet.

File a report! Totally not ok or appropriate. I am so mad for you! You are human with a lot on your plate. It’s easy to miss a couple things , there are many better ways to go about informing you.

This is down right disgraceful and very inappropriate. You’re trying your damnest to make a living and make everything work not only for yourself but your babies. Heather this is uncalled for I am so sorry this happened. I’d be contacting the head person In charge and rip them a new one because this is disgusting and this should of never been done! I’d be calling every damn news team and every attorney to take this… who gives a crap if you didn’t read the report maybe you had a sick kid, something happened and you had to get it taken care of something obviously made you busy to not read it. They still could of easily have called and said hey heather I sent a note home but milo need diapers any chance you could swing by with some. He’s not my kid but I’d fly off the handle with this…

i mean you should read the reports of course but this is wildly inexcusable you are an adult she could have emailed you called you told you in person there are plenty of more appropriate ways to do this i would be fuming

Raise your hand if you get approximately one metric fuckton of loose handouts from your kids’ daycares and schools per day. Now raise your hand if you have time to actually read them all, from the first letter to the last punctuation mark.

I didn’t think so. And if you do, congratulations on being a better parent than about 99 percent of us I guess.

Parenting is hard. Single-parenting is, in many cases, even harder. The last thing any of us needs is for our children to come home with graffiti on them in an attempt to …what … make us feel like bigger failures than we already do?

I hope Chisum is able to sort this situation out with the daycare and secure childcare services that DON’T involve whatever this is.

To read Chisum’s full post, see below.