She jumped up off the bed, gave all the medical staff a high five for fixing her problems, and left the hospital while proudly chanting her college alma mater.

Anxious Mother Told To Calm Down, Anxiety Magically Cured


A heavily pregnant woman was watching a show with her husband. Her three children were upstairs sleeping and her daughter in her belly was shifting every few moments. She was reminiscing about her long, tiring day and was already planning out the next day in her head. She had a few weeks until her due date but she still had a list of things to accomplish before she welcomed her first baby girl.

She and her husband staggered upstairs and she flopped into bed. She started to feel a little overwhelmed, so she decided to fall asleep. At about 2:00 in the morning the helpless mother shot straight up and was gasping for air. Her chest was tight. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably and she ran to the bathroom. She began throwing up and she thought, “This is it, this is the end.”

She knew she was having a panic attack. She felt like she wasn’t living in her body. It was as if she were in the sky, watching this entire scenario play out. The young mom told her husband that her heart was pounding and she wanted to scream. She continued to vomit as her husband contacted his in-laws. “Can you come over here? Nicole needs to go to the hospital,” the nervous husband pleaded to his father-in-law on the other line.

Her father showed up quickly without any complaints about having to wake up in the middle of the night. The mom waddled to the car and continued to throw up and was shaking. “Maybe I actually am dying?” she questioned.

They arrived at the hospital and the woman couldn’t even talk. Her husband was her advocate and was desperately attempting to break down the situation so they could give her the best care possible. The medical staff whisked her upstairs to labor and delivery to assure that nothing problematic was occurring with the little baby.

The mother was doing everything she could to focus on her breathing. She kept trying to tell herself that everything was going to be okay and she wasn’t actually dying. The woman would calm down for a second and then everything would escalate again. It was like her head was spinning in an overwhelming tornado of emotions and feelings. It was as if she had no control. It felt like somebody was forcing her to be afraid of something that she wasn’t aware of.

The OBGYN came into her room and informed the petrified mother that her heart was going insanely fast at 155 BPM. She told the mother that she needed to get her heartbeat lower. The doctor gave the patient a very serious look and said, “Why are you so stressed? You need to calm down.”

A smile spread across the mom’s face as her heart beat began to miraculously lower. She was cured. She jumped up off the bed, gave all the medical staff a high five for fixing her problems, and left the hospital while proudly chanting her college alma mater. She skipped happily off, knowing that she would never have to deal with anxiety ever again.


About the Author

Nicole Christensen is the mother of four beautiful children. She has three boys and one little girl. Nicole has her Bachelors’s degree in Sociology and her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. She is currently a freelance writer at and runs a family Youtube Channel