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Dancing With the Stars Performer Farts in Partner’s Face, Instantly Makes Herself Even More Lovable

Credit: 247Sports.com

It was the fart heard ’round the world–or at least ’round the ballroom.

Perhaps DWTS really stands for Dancing With The Sharts? Just a thought after Monday night’s episode where dancer Lindsay Arnold got caught farting into professional baseball player David Ross’ microphone.

It all happened during a filmed rehearsal when Ross went to flip Arnold over and got an unexpected face full of dancer gas. The two burst into laughter afterwards and reportedly couldn’t continue practice the rest of the day.

I know that poor woman is probably mortified, but she is my new favorite to win because I love a gal who can laugh at herself. And it doesn’t hurt that I think fart jokes are hilarious.

Y’all, I live for this kind of thing, because apparently my sense of humor never graduated from junior high school. So if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy this video of Lindsay’s musical fruit, courtesy of Yahoo TV.

Guys, stars are just like us.

Well, except that they wear a size zero, and they get paid to exercise and look pretty, and they bleach their teeth with such enthusiasm you can probably see them smiling from space.

But the point is, they fart in people’s faces when they do upside-down splits, just like I would do if I ever found myself in that situation.

Come to think of it, I’d probably queef in my partner’s microphone if I got flipped even halfway over, so it’s better to leave the dancing to the professionals.

I may never dance with stars, but I shall henceforth conduct a personal conga line of couch toots in solidarity with my new favorite DWTS cast member, Lindsay Arnold.

Lindsay, you’re the real MVP. You have my vote. Heck, I’ll call in and vote for you twice if you cut the cheese in David’s face again.