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Child Learns Truth About Santa, Shocks Parents Internet-Wide

It’s inevitable. One day, our kids will learn the truth about the jolly guy in red, and while we expect their reactions to this news to range from disappointment to disbelief, few parents actually ever expect THIS.

Recently, Nicki Adams had to break the news about Santa to her 10-year-old daughter after the girl badgered her for days, and what her daughter did sent Adams and the rest of the internet into hysterics.

Child Learns Truth About Santa, Shocks Parents Internet-Wide
Photo Credit: fb/Nicki Adams

The note reads:

You have no idea what you just did. I really tried to belive [sic]. Everyone told me its [sic] your parents. I can’t belive [sic] you anymore. Is the Easter bunny real, how about the Tooth Fairy, huh? You just ruined a 10 year old’s childs [sic] LIFE. Thanks. Nothing will make me feel better. U lied to me about somthing [sic] I loved that¬†BROKE my heart. #middlefingeremoji

While it’s certainly heartbreaking that this child was so angered by the perceived betrayal of her parents’ trust, it’s also just about the cutest (and most hilarious) reaction ever. That she included the hashtag #middlefingeremoji, complete with illustrations, only serves to make the communication that much more touching and humorously adorable. If #middlefingeremoji isn’t trending yet, it should be.

We’re sure Adams’ daughter will get over her anger soon (if she hasn’t already) once she discovers that the world will continue to spin on its axis. In the meantime, Adams should tuck this little note away someplace safe and give it to her daughter when she’s grown with children of her own.¬†They’ll either have a great laugh together, or her daughter will send Adams her therapy bill.

Regardless, parents across the internet are cry-laughing at the tragedy and comedy of it all this season and hoping their kids take the news a bit better when the time comes to deliver it.