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You might have anxiety if…

Ever wonder if you’re one of millions suffering from anxiety?  Many dismiss mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, believing these are all manifestations of a person’s state of mind.  If you’re a pessimist, of course you’re going to be anxious or depressed, they think. This is the epitome […]


Hello. My name is Mrs. Sammich, and I have an anger problem.

It’s more like a feelings problem, really. Whereas normal people get sad, I get blubbering-bucket-of-tears sad.  Whereas normal people get worried, I get certain-an-airplane-toilet-is-going-to-come-crashing-through-the-roof-and-kill-us-all-repeatedly worried.  Whereas normal people get angry, I get blood-pressure-spikingly-and-extremity-tremblingly angry. I’d say I’m bipolar (isn’t that when people get super manic and then super depressed and […]

This is What Anxiety Feels Like
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This Is What Anxiety Feels Like

I’ve always been “high strung” — you know, that thing people call you when you like things to be a certain way and you are bossy and you sweat the small stuff and you can’t stand when pictures hanging on a wall are off center but have no problem leaving […]