"Booger": The Parody Every Mom Can Relate To
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“Booger”: The Parody Every Mom Can Relate To

"Booger": The Parody Every Mom Can Relate To

It’s April — that time of year when cold weather turns, well, only slightly less cold for those of us in the North, not to mention increasingly snottier for our children.

As a teacher and a mom to children who attend daycare (also known as nature’s Petri dish), I am dodging boogie-infested snot rockets day in and day out. And there isn’t enough hand sanitizer, liquid soap, or bleach to ward this stuff off.

Believe me. I’ve tried it all.

Which is why I can soooooo relate to Deva of My Life Suckers’ most recent parody of Maroon 5’s “Sugar.” It’s called “Booger,” and it’s a work of genius, you guys. And also, it’s hilarious.

Enjoy! And be sure to check out Deva’s blog and YouTube channel for more awesomeness just like this. I seriously love her.