6 Life Hacks for Accomplishing More Life Hacks

6 Life Hacks for Accomplishing More Life Hacks

By Jill Morgenstern of Do Try This at Home

We all want to get more of the life hacks that scroll through our various social media feeds under our belt, but who has time to save all that time or the money to save all that money? Learn the top six hacks for accomplishing more life hacks:

1) Late to bed, early to rise. There’s no time like when everyone else is asleep to peruse Pinterest or read up on your favorite sites for time-saving hacks. You may think that 3:00 a.m. is for sleeping, but it happens to be a great time to read about insomnia hacks and hacks for better health and sleeping habits.

2) Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to put in a little elbow grease. We’re all looking for ways to make life easier and less time consuming. So it’s okay to spend hours, even days scouring websites that will help you save time. After all, Google lists more than 38 million of these websites, so you’ll have your work cut out for you.

3) Outsource. Don’t feel bad if you can’t handle everything yourself. For example, if you are trying one of the hacks for getting an early start on the morning but you’re just not a morning person, it can be helpful to hire someone else to wake up for you. This gives you a better chance at success and frees your time for pursuits that are more conducive to your temperament. There are plenty of morning people looking for work this time of year.

4) Have the right tools for the job. There’s nothing like reading an amazing new life hack only to find out you don’t have the materials you need. A five-gallon bag of baking soda and a case of cheese whiz is a good place to start. Shopping at Costco to get these types of everyday items in bulk will ultimately save you time and money.

5) Know when to cut corners and when to do things the hard way. Some life hacks come easily and some need a bigger investment of your time. Knowing how to differentiate between the two will allow you to accomplish more hacks in the long run.

6) Consider a paper planner. It can be difficult to rely just on your computer, phone, and iPad. Alarms set on your phone can help, but if you really want to streamline and save time, start shopping for a paper planner. Make sure to read several websites comparing planners before you begin buying stickers and printing out decorations.

I hope these hacks have helped you find and conquer the various ways to save time and money by attacking life hacks head on!


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Jill Morgenstern is a wife, mother, and teacher. She has four kids ages 27 to three, 13 years of teaching experience, and a Master’s Degree in Teaching Reading, yet reserves the right to be wrong about everything. She writes about food, family, and the ridiculous at Do Try This at Home. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.