Pregnancy sucks in so many ways, but there are a few upsides. Like boobs. And people being nice to you!
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5 Pregnancy Side Effects to Fall in Love With

Pregnancy sucks in so many ways, but there are a few upsides. Like boobs. And people being nice to you!

By Brandi Puga of Big Fit Fam

The making of life is an event for celebration and awe. More often than not, however, we become so embroiled in the discomfort that pregnancy brings throughout all 9 months (check out my article “5 Things You Didn’t Expect About Morning Sickness“), that we forget the side effects of baby creation that are pretty amaze-balls!

Without further ado, here are the 5 side effects that I have fallen in love with over my last 5 pregnancies and hope to enjoy with #6!

1. Boobs! For those of you who are rather well endowed to begin with, you may not understand this one. However, for me, who can shop in the little girls department for bras on any given Sunday, I get pretty super-duper excited about my boobs growing bigger! My chest doesn’t look as flat as my back? Heck yeah! I actually NEED an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder for once and have a nice line of cleavage in a lower cut shirt without having to enhance with makeup. I can see why men like boobs so much. Whenever I get pregnant and have some, they are pretty awesome!

2. Granny Panties. I know a bunch of you out there will say that you live in thongs and find them extremely comfortable…but I call BS. I will deck myself out in thong should my outfit require it and tend to wear boy shorts for daily activity as they don’t look like crap and don’t to ride up into my nethers too bad. But a good Granny Panty is what I crave! There is nothing like a big swatch of loose fabric covering EVERYTHING that is impossible to get a wedgie with to really make my morning! When you’re preggo, you get a Granny Panty pass. Wider hips, a (hopefully only) slightly larger booty, a tender tummy, and weird aches in your lady parts make most other undies simply dreadful during this time. I pull my Granny Panties out with a WOOP of joy and sneer at the other contraptions. I have beaten fashion for the next 9 months!

3. Friendliness of Others. People can be real dicks! I have literally been walking with 4 kids in tow and a baby on my hip while trying to drag a cart of groceries and had the guy in front of me let the door slam in my face. For some reason, this changes when your belly is round with a baby. People tend to take extra time to hold doors for you or even carry your groceries. They offer their seats to you at your kids’ baseball games, offer a hand when climbing the stairs, check in on you if you look a little hot….It’s pretty freaking nice. Most the time people are so focused on their own little lives that everyone else around them could be on fire and they wouldn’t take notice, but when you’re​ pregnant, you get a little extra awareness from strangers. It’s so nice to be NOTICED!

4. Attention. This one goes a bit with #3 but is more focused on the extra love you get from family and, most importantly, your baby daddy! If you are already a mother, you know how much time is spent taking care of your family: cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, more cleaning and cooking. It’s exhausting! Even if this is your first pregnancy, you already spend hour upon hour doing these things for your husband, who, let’s face it, somehow forgot 50% of what he knew about taking care of himself about 6 months after you tied the knot. Add baby building to this already rigorous schedule and you’re really pooped. Never fear, something about your baby belly will kick your hubby’s instincts into gear and have him wanting to wait on you hand and foot! Ok, maybe that’s and exaggeration. But he will be more than willing to change light bulbs (no standing on chairs; you might fall), lift heavy objects (Daddy strong!), run to the store for supplies (this may be an escape plan at times but it works out well for you!), and rub your back and/or feet! It’s so nice to be coddled at times.

5. Glossy Hair and Long, Strong Nails. Prenatal vitamins are basically massive pills that only a horse could get down its throat without gagging and can often cause a bit of nausea when they kick in. Fabulous, as my stomach already feels so shitty wonderful. However, these little vitamins from hell take the dullest hair and make it grow thicker, longer and stronger with a nice glossy shine to match! I should seriously apply for one of those randy Herbal Essences commercials while taking these things, because my hair is stunning! My nails also get a great boost. I always envy ladies with natural, long, painted nails that they can drum impatiently and send secret signals with. Now I can be awesome too!

WooHoo! I’m so proud of myself for looking at the bright side and not being a Debbie Downer for once!

Are there are any parts of pregnancy that you look forward to? Other than the baby, people; we all know that’s one side effect we started off wanting.

This post was originally published on Big Fit Fam.


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