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28 Hilariously Real Memes About What Happens to Parents’ Fashion Sense After Kids

If you’re a parent, the fact that maintaining a sense of fashion — not to mention basic hygiene — is difficult should be no surprise to you. If you’re not a parent but are considering becoming one, it’s only fair that you know what you’re in for.

I used to get dressed up and put on makeup daily. I wouldn’t have dreamed of walking out of the house without hair done, face on, and heels kickin’. And then I had kids. Now I literally drop my kids off at school without having brushed my hair or my teeth while still wearing my pajamas. Because sleep and getting everybody else out the door decently dressed and on time are my priorities in the morning, NOT making sure I don’t look like a vagabond if I happen to stop for gas on the way back home.

Whether it’s an inability to shower in a timely or frequent fashion or the very real possibility that your closet is lined with nothing but t-shirts and sweatpants now, if you’ve ever found yourself staring in the mirror, wondering who the person staring back at you is and where the trendier, more put-together version of yourself has gone, these memes will be all too real for you.

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Whatever. We rock that mom and dad style HARD, and we know it.