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24 Halloween Memes to Make You Laugh the Candy Calories Right Off

If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, as it is mine, this time of year is pretty darn exciting. There’s the decorating, and the costume hunting, and the candy shopping. OH, THE CANDY SHOPPING!

If it’s not one of your favorite holidays, first of all, what kind of monster are you? (Kidding.) Second of all, I get it. I really do. The dressing up and passing out goodies to all those little ghouls and goblins isn’t for everybody, I suppose, and the exponential increase in TP and raw egg incidents this time of year is definitely less than welcome, too.

But regardless of whether or not you’re counting down the days until things get freakishly screamtastic, chances are you can still relate to, and laugh about, these hilarious Halloween memes. There’s something here for everyone, All Hallows Eve celebrators and naysayers alike.

Check them out, laugh those candy calories right off your backside (you know you’ve been digging in early),¬†and be sure to click on the images to follow these funny people on social media for more.

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Halloween: Love it or hate it, at least it gives us something to laugh about. And Lord knows we could all use that right about now.