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18 of the Most Hilariously Honest Tweets About Pregnancy

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama

People will try to tell you that pregnancy is the most magical thing you’ll ever experience. Sure, you’re growing a tiny human and that’s pretty awesome. But it’s a magical time where your body surprises you in a variety of disgusting ways.

For most of us, pregnancy is being able to smell everything within a half-mile radius and be nauseated by it. It’s having constant heartburn and peeing every 15 minutes. Pregnancy means developing stretchmarks and multiple chins.

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Your pregnant self will emanate sounds and smells you never thought possible. And you’ll laugh, cry, scream, and then cry some more about all of this, because your hormones are basically on steroids the entire time.

If you want some hilariously honest truths about the “magic” of pregnancy, look no further than the funny parents of Twitter:

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And then there’s the “magic” that other people feel about pregnancy:

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And, of course, the “magic” that follows pregnancy:

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So. Much. Magic.