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15 Memes for People With Pumpkin Spice Running Through Their Veins

Well, it’s September again, which means that it’s fall, which means that it’s time for all the pumpkin spice lovers to come out of their respective places of hibernation and holler “VENTI” as they parade their ankle booties over to the nearest Starbucks.

Fun fact: pumpkin spice is actually a savory blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. It was accidentally discovered by a food scientist named Brittany who was spooked by a falling leaf when she was working in the lab, and her chunky burgundy infinity knit scarf knocked over the unique blend of spices, creating history.

Pumpkin spice might seem like an ordinary blend of seasonings to the un-indoctrinated, but to those who love it, it is a lifeblood, a powder that is as important as their air we breathe or the blood running through their veins.

One must take care with pumpkin spice as a seasonal item; it’s imperative not to let the haters get you down and peer pressure you into getting something super-basic like an Americano or a chai latte. Pumpkin spice season comes but once a year, and the only proper way to honor it is to practically freebase the shit until it is seeping out of your pores and making you realize that you “literally can’t even.”

Now, I’m no pumpkin spice fan, but I’m also no hater, and I can recognize a seasonal addiction when I see one. My personal weapon of choice is robin’s eggs at Easter time, and I’ll be damned if I let anyone judge me for buying 3 bags a day for the 6 week span that they are available. For this reason, I say that we all just let people be and enjoy their holiday treat. And if you say “what holiday?” then that shows that you are missing the point. The arrival of pumpkin spice IS the holiday.

So if you are a pumpkin spice addict, or you know someone who is, this one’s for you. A roundup of the funniest pumpkin spice memes that you can read and LOL into your delicious, heavenly, oh-so-seasonal beverage.

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15 Memes for People With Pumpkin Spice Running Through Their Veins

1. Hello September! *unhinges jaw*

2. OK, hear me out – this is BRILLIANT

3. All people named “Mackenzie” are looking for donors, form an orderly line outside Aritzia

4. You can’t put a time limit on happiness, Karen

5. She literally couldn’t even

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6. Hi, I do what I like, thanks

7. Bitches be ready for FALL Y’ALL

8. From left to right: Kaitlynn, Ashlynn, Kimberlynn, and Lynnylynn

9. Finally! A remedy that fits my lifestyle

10. Dem autumn vibes

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11. It’s the International symbol for the Starbucks-Bound

12. Debbie needs to calm her tits, STAT

13. Oh, you don’t like pumpkin spice? WELL, I DON’T LIKE YOU.

14. Rude, but good advice if you’re in a room full of haters

15. I’LL DO IT ALL JUST FUGGIN’ WATCH ME *kicks garbage can with Ugg boots*

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So Pumpkin Spice lovers, this is YOUR time! Be sure to enjoy it.