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15 Anxiety Tweets to Make You LOL Through the Heart Palpitations

I remember meeting someone once who said they had never experienced anxiety. I’m pretty sure I looked at them as if they grew three heads. Anxiety has been as much a part of me since childhood as my feet, or my hands, or my brain itself. Anxiety is like a little tick that’s burrowed inside my brain, constantly interrupting my peace and quiet with a steady barrage of paranoid fuckery.

However, it’s not just me. Anxiety affects many of us, and especially as parents we are hit with the double punch of worry and responsibility. It is rare to meet a mother or adult in general who hasn’t experienced anxiety. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect around 18% of adults in the United States.

Anxiety is manageable, but it can be a long and difficult road. However, many of us use humor to cope with the struggle. Anxiety is a pain in the ass for sure, but it also happens to be such a relatable experience that it can make for some great jokes.

Here Is a List of 15 Funny Anxiety Tweets

They’ll be sure to make you laugh-cry between dreaming up catastrophic scenarios and diagnosing yourself with WebMD.

1. This will be so relaxing… right?

2. Anxiety! It pops up in the darndest places

3. It’s gonna be a long week

4. It’s all in how you frame it

5. A noble itinerary


6. I can feel their eyes burning into my throbbing skull

7. So close

8. It’s my plus one

9. When your anxiety is better at presentations than you are

10. Literally anything could be how you die. G’night!


11. It’s a bargain

12. Bitch, I might

13. I’m an enigma, wrapped in a resting bitch face

14. The best part of waking up…

15. That sounds worse. I’m in!

If you struggle with anxiety, you can find a list of online resources from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America here.

If you do have anxiety, know that you’re not alone. Sure, it’s not all shits and giggles, but sometimes it can be fun to try and find a laugh in all the madness.