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10 Funny Tweets About How Halloween is F*cked This Year

Well, it’s October and usually that means SPOOKY SEASON, BITCHES, but considering the fact we’re tits-deep in a global pandemic, there’s gonna be fewer tricks-and-treats and more masks-and-hand-san. Just another thing that 2020 has taken from us, because regardless of whether you choose to do the door to door thing or not, there’s gonna be some naysayers on either side of the fence.

Like most well-adjusted people, I LOVE Halloween, but I can act weird and gorge myself on candy any day of the week. Because I am an adult. The true losers in 2020 Halloween are the kids.

While many of us carry memories of staying out all night filling our sacks with candy and almost getting our arms blown off by firecrackers, the kids nowadays might remember this year as the lamest Halloween ever. Even if you do go trick-or-treating, it’s not gonna be the same as the glory days, and oh my gawd, is this our generation’s “back in my day” moment?

Much like everything else this year, Halloween is going to be different. If this is the new normal then stop the ride! I want off. Whatever happened to the good old days of wholesome fun like going to strangers houses and begging for treats, then washing it all down with some rumors about poisoned candy?

Ah, the good old days.

This Halloween can still be fun, sure, but it will definitely be different. And we’re all just gonna have to live with it because it’s 2020 and what the hell else can we do?

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10 Funny Tweets About How Halloween is Fucked This Year



2. Wait for it…

3. No. More. Tricks.

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4. Anything goes amirite *laughs nervously*

5. Look, I don’t make the rules.

6. Spooky, chilling, a real thrill ride.

7. Next stop, the pantry!

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8. We’re all decaying at a rapid rate.

9. BOO!


10. Look we’re all tired and there’s still a few months left so… fuck it.

Whatever you do, have fun and stay safe!

And never forget the festive glory of stealing candy from your kids. It’s the one tradition we can keep, after all!

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