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Want a Discounted Crib? Ikea’s Got You, But You Have to Pee on a Print Ad First

If you’re pregnant or have been pregnant, you know the mission to find discounted baby wares is intense. How in the world such a tiny person can cost so much money is beyond me, but babies do wreak havoc on the bank account. Ikea is here to help by offering mothers-to-be a discount on a baby crib, only there’s a catch: they have to pee on a print magazine ad first in order to get it. YEAH.

Before you get too excited, the offer only exists in Sweden, where the ad is running in Amelia Magazine, a popular women’s mag. I know. Bummer for those residing elsewhere in the world (or maybe not).

Swedish advertising agency Åkestam Holst developed the concept for the advertisement for Ikea, reports Adweek, and it works like this: If you think (or know) you’re pregnant and want to save some cash money, all you’ve got to do is pee on the designated space of the ad and if you are, in fact, knocked up, congrats! The discount code will appear right there beneath your magically glistening urine.

How exactly does your piss make the miracles happen? Science.

I can’t be the only one wondering about the logistics of this process, can I? I mean, you rip the page out of the magazine and piss on it. I get that. But we can all agree that this is going to get messy, right? A floppy sheet of paper soaked in your own pee? Pregnancy tests, which are solid and sturdy and actually MADE for peeing on, are cumbersome enough.

And what if you’re NOT pregnant but want to buy the crib as a baby shower gift for the expectant mother? You can’t get the discount because your piss lacks the magic?

Look, I understand the novelty of the whole thing, bizarre and seemingly unsanitary as it is. But if I had a bun in the oven in Sweden, I’d probably skip over relieving myself on an advertisement and phone a manager for the discount code.

Because yuck.