The tweet has received over 1.1 MILLION likes and has been re-tweeted over 143K times.

Viral Tweet Hilariously Sums Up Learning To Live On Your Own

Remember when you couldn’t wait to move out and live on your own? Do whatever you want? When you want? Yeah, me too. And then it actually happened. And suddenly there were bills to pay, a house to clean, and meals to make, and any fantasies you may have been harboring about adulthood were quickly shattered into a thousand tiny pieces.

While some kids are gently pushed out of the nest with a full arsenal of life skills, others plunge to the ground headfirst through a raging inferno. It’s baptism by fire, baby.

Sorta like this kid. The unnamed cousin of Twitter user, Henpecked Hal. From the sounds of it, the 20-year-old cousin just got his own apartment and so far? It seems to be going *ahem* super well. Haha. Not really.

Hal posted the following screenshot of a text convo between himself and his cousin, where his cousin is seeking some cooking advice. And I gotta say, “Hey, at least he’s eating something other than Kraft Dinner!”

Take a look.

Let’s take a moment to dissect this, shall we?

20-year-old starts the convo with:

“hey, man, I’d ask my mom but I don’t want to talk for an hr…how often do you clean your oven”

First of all, I totally get not wanting to call his mom about his little problem. I mean, moms are seriously the best, but sometimes you just need a quick answer and not an encyclopedic discourse on all.the.things, you know?

Hal’s response of “pretty much never,” is basically all of us.

Except for his cousin. Because he’s cleaning his oven every single time he uses it, apparently. And he’s starting to feel like cooking just isn’t worth it.

It totally isn’t.

But the REASON behind why he’s constantly cleaning it is where the true magic lies in this whole cooking conundrum. He tells Hal:

“yeah the bottom gets gross and full of blood and grease.”

Um, okay?

Hal decides to investigate this a little further, so he asks:

“You’re talking about the baking sheet or the actual oven?”

And here, my friends, is where the story takes an unexpected turn.

“baking sheet?”

“my oven has the metal grills on the inside”


It is at this point that Hal needs to take a little break, likely to compose himself from laughing hysterically.

He texts back:

“One sec…I need a beer for this”


Just to clarify what he believes to be already true he begs the question:

“So you’re putting the meat directly onto the grills to cook, right?”

To which his cousin responds:

“yea to grill it.”

Oh, poppet. Might I suggest a BBQ?

In true loving family fashion, Hal does what any of us would do at this point.

“I’m tweeting this.”

And his poor, dear cousin? Still doesn’t get it, as evidenced by his one symbol response:


Aw, bless.

The tweet has received over 1.1 MILLION likes and has been re-tweeted over 143K times. Most people found the humor in the baking debacle, responding with various laughing GIFS. Others, however, decided now was the perfect time to share their own tales of cooking fails.

Well, mostly their friends’ failures. Because what are friends for?

Just because you’re a son or daughter, doesn’t mean you’re safe. All’s fair in love and kitchen fails.

However, it’s not just in the kitchen where our kids need a little guidance. It’s a whole ‘nother world out there.

Clearly, Hal’s cousin isn’t alone. There’s also this guy. Who is Hal’s cousin’s spirit animal, apparently.

It’s a little sad Prabesh.

And then there’s sweet Anna C. who just wants to make sure that Hal’s cousin is okay.

Don’t worry Anna, Hal has his back. He’s supporting his cousin in the best possible way. With this:

After all, what is family for?