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Funny Twitter Parents Serve The Cold, Hard Truth On Kids And YouTube


There are the parents who can admit that their kids’ babysitter sometimes goes by the name of YouTube, and then there are the seemingly more wholesome parents, who are also Liar McLiarfaces, who would never let their children over-indulge in screen time.

Most parents start out with great intentions, such as not allowing their kids to watch TV before the age of two. But then, the reality of parenthood comes along and sucker punches them right between the legs and they lower their standards in order to survive this thing.

While most parents would never admit that they’re a bit lax on policing their children’s screen time while they tend to a never-ending list of tasks required to raise tiny humans, like cooking dinner, preparing school lunches, using the bathroom without an audience, or, heaven forbid, enjoying a hot damn minute to themselves, the funny parents of Twitter have no problem serving us a side of some cold, hard, hilarious parenting truth.

Here’s what Twitter parents have to say about the tube of yous:



I don’t know about you, but YouTube sounds a lot better than dropping $50+ on Linda from who wants to teach your kid to make swans out of aluminum foil.

Settle down, Linda.