What most of us need right now is a large dose of humanity, which is something you can find in bulk on Rex Chapman's feed.
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This Is the Twitter Content I’m Here for

Have you finished season 3 of Ozark yet? Did you learn all of the TikTok dances in order to make an intentionally embarrassing video with your kids? Have you decided that maybe homeschooling “isn’t for you,” curled up in your bed, and shamelessly scrolled to the end of the Internet? Yeah…me either. But there are others out there who may just need an injection of life into the doldrums of quarantine. So let’s help them out, and then we can return to the very important activities we were doing.

It’s simple.

Tell them to follow @RexChapman on Twitter. That’s it! This simple action will provide them with all the entertainment and feels they’ll need to not only survive whatever THIS is that we’re currently living in, but well after as well.

Rex Chapman is a former basketball player, who made his name well known as a standout at Kentucky and the NBA. But you do not have to be a fan to appreciate his content. He started garnering attention for this part of his life when he posted this video, and asked “Block or charge?”


In case you are unfamiliar with the phrase, there is a foul in basketball where a player can just stand there, get run into and get a foul (block)…or have a foul called on the player that ran into him (charge). It can go either way, and there is often no rhyme or reason as to which call is made. So was the paddle boarder blocked or charged? It doesn’t matter because it’s hilarious. I rewatched it three times while writing this, and audibly laughed each time. Maybe dolphins knocking unsuspecting humans off SUPs aren’t your thing. Well, what about a cat seemingly dismounting a crotch rocket racer?


But he’s not just about animals causing humans pain. You can also find a theme on his feed entitled “Dogs, bruh” that showcases awesome dog related videos such as this:


Sometimes Rex adapts his themes to other spectacular feats like a little girl hitting an absolute bomb and flipping the bat like she went yard off Justin Verlander.


But what most of us need right now is a large dose of humanity, which is something you can find in bulk on Rex Chapman’s feed. Whether it’s a video of a player with Down Syndrome checking into a basketball game and lighting up the scoreboard or a service animal helping a young lady walk, there is a constant reminder that there is light in this world.



Just like anything, not everything found on Rex Chapman’s stream will tickle your funny bone or warm your heart, but there is nobody I follow that shares more consistently reliable content. And while we’re all trying to make it through this strange and unprecedented time, it’s nice to have something like that to get us through.

Once you’ve delved into the vault of hilarity, remember to share the laughs and cries with that loved one struggling with life right now. I know, I know, YOU’RE doing fine, but you know someone who needs this, so help them out.