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This Texas Republican’s Campaign Ad Will Restore Your Faith In Politics

Let’s face it: This has been a tough election year. The presidential race between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump might have left you (at least temporarily) defriending family members on Facebook.

With so many vitriolic campaign ads and memes being thrown around, isn’t it time for some comic relief? Enter Gerald Daugherty. (Or maybe more appropriately, Daugherty’s wife.)

Charlyn Daugherty is all of us. (via YouTube)

Charlyn Daugherty is all of us when our husband is home from work.

The ad shows Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty helping out around the house, all the while droning on about the issues his community is facing and what he wants to do to fix them. Their friends and family look on with glazed expressions as he prattles on nonstop.

Whoever came up with this is genius. In an election cycle so focused on personal attacks, this ad manages to humanize a candidate and make him (or at least his wife) relatable.

Even if you don’t agree with his politics, I think we all like the idea of a candidate who can’t stop thinking of ways to fix things.

I don’t know if Gerald will win his bid for reelection, but he wins our hearts for the best campaign ad this year.