This Is When You’ll Magically Stop Giving a F**k

This Is When You'll Magically Stop Giving a Fuck

Wondering at what point you’ll magically stop giving a fuck? It’s an age-old question, second only to “What’s the meaning of life?” or “Are you sure I shouldn’t have one more glass of wine or three?”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hoarding fucks for the better part of your existence on this planet, doling them out whenever you think someone maybe could have glanced at you aggressively or you worry that your friend’s going to be mad because you waited until 8 pm to wish her a happy birthday or you’re pretty sure you offended the guy next to you on the park bench even though you didn’t intend to be offensive with what you said but you probably were anyway because GOD WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SO WEIRD?

This Is When You'll Magically Stop Giving a Fuck

Guess what, people? Fuck that. It’s time to kiss those fucks goodbye. Now. Now is when you’ll magically stop giving a fuck. Now is when I’ll magically stop giving a fuck. Because now is when we’ll choose to stop giving a fuck.

Those fucks are soul-sucking energy murderers, and in the end, throwing them at everyone and everything like we throw unwanted candy corn in the trash at Halloween doesn’t matter one bit. Not one fucking bit.

Nobody gives a fuck about our fucks but us. Nobody. Because even when we give a fuck, nobody else does. So why even bother? The only way to stop giving fucks is to decide to stop giving fucks. And that’s exactly what you’re going to do today. That’s exactly what I’m going to do today. That’s exactly what we’re all going to do. Right now. This instant.

We’re going to free ourselves from the fucks. Feel the sweet relief of a fuck-free existence. You can almost taste it, can’t you? I sure as hell can.

Practice it with me:

Someone interpret something you said the wrong way? Too fucking bad. 

Someone take issue with your parenting practices? Get fucking bent. 

Someone dislike your taste in music, literature, movies, fashion, men, women, breakfast cereal? Straight outta fucks up in this motha.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

I say enough with obsessing about what others think. Enough with trading your own sense of self for the sake of the status quo. Enough with conforming to this cruel, unforgiving world and its expectation that everyone fit the same mold. Enough, I say.

It’s incredibly liberating, this decision to magically stop giving a fuck. Because in choosing to stop giving a fuck, you’re not abandoning all hope and sense of decency.


Instead, you’re finally choosing to embrace you. You’re finally giving yourself the love you deserve. And you’re finally telling everyone else and their ideas about who and what you should be to fuck off.

So the next time you see a pair of hot pink leggings you can’t live without, you’re at a bar and your favorite jam comes on, or you have something important to say, don’t hold back because you’re worried those suckers might be too flashy, you’re afraid people will laugh at your moves, or you’re concerned about what people might think of your opinion. Instead, put on those hot pink pants, get your ass out on that dance floor, and let the world hear what it is you have to offer.

Because as of this moment, as of right now, you and I both are finally choosing ourselves. You and I both are finally choosing to be content with who we are. Because you and I both are all out of fucks to give.

And you and I both most certainly don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks of that.