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These Funny People on Facebook Gave Us All the Laughs Last Week

What a week, no? It’s hard to think about humor right now with everything that’s going on in our twisted, sordid world. The thing is, we need laughter so we can regain our composure and focus on taking care of ourselves and others in this world who demand our empathy and our action.

Thankfully these funny people on Facebook were able to make us smile in the face of so much tragedy. Check out their hilarity, and then be sure to give them a follow. You’ll be glad you did.

Good choice, kid. (Via Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming)

No, not at ALL. (Via Pails and Fires by Leslie Gaar)

And it’s glorious in here. (Via Close to Classy by Jorrie Varney)

Seriously. It’s like they’re trying to plant a garden in here or something. (Via The Unfit Father)

Thank God we’re not the only ones. (Via Why did we have to have all these kids anyway?)

I’m sure it’s around here somewhere. (Via Mommy Cusses)

Our creativity knows no bounds. (Via Mommy Owl)

Just blow up and disappear already. (Via Alyce Kominetsky – One Word at a Time)

Make that a double NOPE. (Via Does This Match?)

Jumping for dayzzzzzz. (Via Kimberly Zapata, Sunshine Spoils Milk)