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The Best Parenting Instagram Account You Didn’t Know You Should Be Following

Today, my whole world got a little brighter, and it’s because I discovered a brand new and little known Instagram account I can’t believe I didn’t know about yet.

It’s called daddyssandwichdrawings, and I don’t know how I haven’t discovered it sooner. What I lack in creative artistic expression, this guy possesses in spades.

According to his bio, he is a father of 4 who uses his art degree to surprise his kids with super cool drawings that accompany his kids’ lunches every day.

And let me tell you, had one of my parents surprised me with drawings such as these every day when I was a kid, I would have crapped my pants from excitement (which is probably not his intention at all — the pants crapping part, that is).

This talented father uses his gift to produce the raddest works of art, which he then displays on his Instagram account for the rest of us to marvel at (and feel spectacularly inferior about).

Check out some of his work:


Harold and the Purple Crayon, anyone?

Everybody loves a little Dr. Seuss.

Those are some lucky little superheroes.

Cutest monster I’ve ever seen.

You might be a little monster sometimes, but Daddy still loves his little monster. #daddyssandwichdrawings #monsters

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Oh, but we can’t resist!

BB is definitely hungry.

Is BB hungry? Nah he 8. bahdum bump .. #BB8 #starwars #daddyssandwichdrawings

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How could you not perform your best after seeing this?

My oldest has a test tomorrow on the land/environment… in 3rd Grade?? Lol. Good luck #daddyssandwichdrawings

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I’m sure with 4 kids in the house, daddyssandwichdrawings has a rather hectic day-to-day, but do you think it’d be too much for me to ask if he’s open to adult adoption? Because I’m for sure feeling the love, and there’s no telling what I could accomplish with these creations adorning my cuisine.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram to add a little light to your day-to-day. I’ll absolutely be checking in on the regular to see what’s on the menu.