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Thanks, GOP, for Potentially Destroying My Son’s Chance of Having Quality Health Care

Senate Republicans voted late Wednesday night to clear a legislative path for repeal of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. One of the amendments they voted against was to retain protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions despite having previously stated they would keep this provision in the final legislation.

Well, isn’t that just typical.

First, Mexico is going to pay for a wall. Then Congress is, which really means taxpayers. (A WALL. Really? Gosh, if only we had some sort of historical record of walls not working out so well to reflect upon.) And now people with pre-existing medical conditions are just shit out of luck.

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Not a damn thing Trump promised his constituents is going to happen, people. At least not in the manner he suggested and not without hurting millions of people in the process.

I’m not naive. I know politicians make all kinds of promises, only to renege on them later. It’s how they get elected, after all. But the shit spewing from the incoming administration is next level stuff. It’s INFURIATING. And I’m not just mad at policymakers anymore. I’m furious with the people who voted them into office.

When I first learned that Donald Trump would be our next President (I seriously can’t even utter that without throwing up in my mouth), I was flabbergasted at how a large percentage of his supporters could so blindly vote against their own interests. And I was angry.

Then my anger turned toward the Democratic party. How could they have ignored the concerns of the people they represent to such an alarming extent that these people saw voting against their own interests as their only choice?

I shifted my focus from getting mad to trying to understand the concerns of people who did vote Trump into office. I mean, clearly there was something those of us who were disgusted by Trump’s appointment weren’t seeing. So what was it? What could we do to help repair the damage and assuage these concerns so that something like this never happened again?

But NOW? Now I’m back to being pissed off at both the GOP and voters again. Because as it turns out, a lot of those voters who supported Trump didn’t even realize they were voting against their own interests. I mean, portions of them believe fake news, think it’s perfectly fine that Trump is doing his level best to destroy the freedom of the (real and credible) press, and DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT AND OBAMACARE ARE THE SAME THING.

Are you fucking kidding me? How can you have made it this far in life without the ability to realize these two things are the same? HOW? Seriously, I want to know. Because that’s INSANE.

So yeah, I’m mad. And I’m sorry, but I’m not going sit by silently while ignorance — or worse, selfishness and greed — destroy our nation and our lives. Especially when it comes to my children’s well-being.

You see, my kid has all sorts of pre-existing medical conditions after suffering a stroke in utero. And even though my husband and I had pretty good medical insurance prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act thanks to our employers, it’s still a struggle to get him the costly and regular medical attention and therapy he requires.

And we’re not alone.

Millions of Americans suffer from pre-existing conditions and life-threatening illnesses that make the Affordable Care Act essential to their continued life, including people who initially wanted Obamacare repealed because they didn’t know it was the same as the Affordable Care Act (Christ on a cracker).

So imagine what’s going to happen when my son and others like him go out into the world on their own and have to get insurance but — oh, golly gee! — they can’t because they have pre-existing conditions that prevent them from qualifying thanks to a bunch of people who didn’t like the word “Obama” in the “Obamacare” part of the Affordable Care Act and decided they’d rather have an inexperienced, reality TV star run the country than somebody who FUCKING KNOWS HOW TO NOT GET US ALL KILLED.

And also, as a side note, you can’t get all preachy about pro-life nonsense if you’re not willing to take care of people after they’re actually, you know, BORN, GOP. No. You don’t get to do that. Hypocrites.

So thanks, GOP. Really. Between this and the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education (not to mention all the other atrocities we’re encountering left and right), my kids will basically live out the plot of a dystopian novel for years to come. It’s all just super awesome.

I’d ask how you sleep at night, but I’m pretty sure it’s just fine when your heart and soul are made of coal.