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Stranger Calms Baby on Flight, Proves the “Power of Boobies” Is Unparalleled

Evan Hughes, a tired dad to 8-month-old Ki, recently learned that the power of kindness, and the “power of boobies,” are unparalleled.

On a trip back to North Texas from Chicago, Hughes found himself on a flight alone with his restless son after he was separated from his wife at the airport, reports Fox News. After wrestling to keep his son seated and content, the stranger sitting next to the pair — India Massinburg, a daycare worker from DeSoto — declared, “Oh, just give him to me!”

Ki, who had been clamoring to crawl onto her lap and look out the window, immediately nestled into the stranger’s bosom and settled in for a nap, something that prompted Massinburg to joke, “Power of the boobies.”

Photo Credit: Evan Hughes


Thanks to Massinburg’s kindness and nurturing instincts, both baby Ki and dad Hughes were able to steal some shut-eye after a harrowing series of trip-related events.

This just goes to show that in a year of newsworthy incidents that have nearly jaded us all, there is still hope for humanity.

And perhaps most importantly, we are reminded that boobs can fix just about anything.