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Signs You Went to Michigan State: The Follow-Up

So many people read and contributed to my original post, Signs You Went to Michigan State University at the Turn of the Century (Thanks for that!  It was so fun to see.), that I thought I’d take one reader up on her suggestion to write a follow-up post including all the additions to the list that readers left in the comments the first time around (Good call, Sarah!).

So here it is: A complete addendum to the original signs you went to MSU at the turn of the century list, compiled by former MSU attendees themselves.  You guys nailed it!

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  1. You remember the line of cars down Trowbridge at 11 pm on a Friday night to get a tailgate spot at the tennis courts.  Made for a tailgate in itself!
  2. You remember Crunchy’s oldest and greatest waitress, Ethel
  3. You remember Ernie the Can Man (couldn’t remember his name the first time around)
  4. You remember Beggar’s half off wine night
  5. You went to El Azteco — the roof!
  6. You remember Jeremy Sprague, the one man band at Harper’s (didn’t know his name the first time around, either)
  7. You went to Rick’s to see Domestic Problems
  8. You grabbed music and videos from the networked computers in the dorms
  9. You remember Sensations Night Club in the basement of Dooley’s
  10. You remember Howland House wasn’t painted insane colors
  11. You remember NAPSTER — Though it didn’t originate at State, its viral spread across the dorms was huge
  12. Good Times Pizza existed
  13. You ate DP Dough
  14. You saw so many guys carrying a keg down Grand River and Michigan Ave after dark
  15. You frequented Jimmy Johns
  16. You remember the mass meningitis vaccinations after someone in Wilson Hall died from it
  17. You remember the Munn riots
  18. You enjoyed Karaoke at The Riv on Sunday nights
  19. You went to Rick’s happy hour every Friday at 4 pm
  20. You danced to the Uptown DJs at Rick’s and The Riv
  21. You remember Dirty Don at Crunchy’s
  22. You enjoyed half off at Harper’s on Wednesdays
  23. You went to Burgerama at The Riv on Thursdays
  24. You ordered your own bucket at Crunchy’s
  25. You lived in Holden Hall and braved “The Tundra”
  26. You enjoyed midnight happy hour at Reno’s
  27. You remember Beaner’s before it became Bigby
  28. You had a beer in a jar at Bilbo’s
  29. You remember when MSU first started using email and your address was (lastname)
  30. You enrolled for classes on the MS-Dos system
  31. You remember when BDubs was in a basement and Wing Tuesdays were 10 cents
  32. You ordered Pokey Sticks
  33. You purchased $5 Long Islands at Crunchy’s
  34. You added and dropped classes in “The Pit”, and the line extended around the stadium
  35. You remember dollar pitchers at Rick’s on Mondays
  36. You remember that Halloween when every blonde went as School Girl Britney
  37. You wore black booty pants to parties and bars
  38. You danced to “Who Let the Dogs Out?”
  39. You ate 25 cent wings at the BDubs in the basement
  40. You remember dollar schooner night at the Landshark
  41. You enjoyed late night Panchero’s
  42. You drank shark bowls with gummies
  43. You added and dropped classes via phone
  44. You remember the Wells Hall Preacher
  45. You had pop cans that gave out beer — but only on nights of basketball games
  46. You loved FLATS
  47. You remember when Pokey Sticks were two for one on Tuesdays
  48. You took computer classes in which you learned how to use the Internet
  49. You remember when bagel shops were the new “in” thing
  50. You enjoyed 20 cent wings on Tuesdays at BDubs
  51. You remember the Gunson St. riot
  52. You remember when they instituted the keg tag policy where you had to have a sticker with your name on it to buy a keg
  53. You loved Bagel Fragel
  54. You remember the entire channel on campus TV dedicated to catching rioters
  55. You went to Olin Health Center where your diagnosis was either pregnany or mono — every single time!
  56. You went to Olin Health Center and were prescribed a z-pack — their cure for everything!
  57. You loved Hobbit Sticks
  58. You remember Crazy Mary
  59. You ate Bilbo’s Pizza
  60. You went to Small Planet
  61. You tailgated in Munn Field and danced to the makeshift DJs
  62. You could find Wally Pleasant at just about any coffee house on a given night
  63. You loved Gumby Sticks
  64. You could order pizza from Little Caesars for 3 bucks on Wednesdays
  65. You rented VHS movies from the dorm basement
  66. You purchased class notes so you wouldn’t have to attend
  67. You remember when Lou and Harry’s didn’t serve alcohol
  68. You remember when SBS was one of only two stores to purchase books
  69. You remember when “weeeeaaaaaakkkkkk” was not part of the fight song; we just sang “weakening”
  70. You remember when Zeke was a new thing and was more fun to watch than the football team
  71. You remember 92.1 The Edge before it became a drug store
  72. You remember Mtn Mike’s Pizza
  73. You remember Cedar Village the night we beat #1 Ohio State in Columbus
  74. You remember Lizzards (Brian Lee Blues Band & Rusty Weir)
  75. You ate Bells
  76. You remember concerts at Mariah Coffee House
  77. You remember Johnny Spirit
  78. You donated plasma off Grand River for beer money
  79. You ventured off campus to the Green Door
  80. You grew up watching Magic and remembered his legacy

Have even more to add?  Leave a comment, and I’ll get it up here as soon as I can!