Shower Dance Parties: These are My Jam
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Shower Dance Parties: These are My Jam

Shower Dance Parties: These are My Jam

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Let me tell you about two things I like. They (in no particular order) are my daughters and shower dance parties.

A good starting point seems to be to tell you the reasons that I enjoy my daughters. They are funny, they have sweet smiles, and they were spawned by me (with an assist from my husband.) They are 3 years old and 5 years old. They are best friends (with me.) Oh, you thought I meant each other… well, I guess there were those couple days that they got along… but, um, no.

And shower dance parties? First of all, I never said the things I like had to be pretty. There is nothing like working out and then hopping into the shower and dancing to Taylor Swift’s “22.”

Well, tonight felt like one of those nights. I needed to blast the music and dance while showering to ditch the whole scene. I suppose that’s only cute if you know the Tay-Tay song. If you don’t know the song, just trust me that it is a totally clever reference that will go down in the record books.

My daughters decided that they needed to be a part of my shower dance party. Who wouldn’t?

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Originally I attempted to dissuade them from their participation. After all, this is sort of my time. But when I peaked out from the curtain and saw them doing the bus driver dance that I had taught them earlier, I knew I couldn’t kick them out. They are going to experience so much rejection for the way they dance if they continue to use my moves, As their mother, I couldn’t start that off.

There was nothing to do but let them join in.


Join they did.

Not only did I quickly get through getting dressed and brushing my hair unnoticed (which is more than I usually get to do) while they were jamming to Tinkerbell songs, but I even got them to shower, shaving 25 minutes off of the normal bath routine.

You know how the 25 minutes was spent?

Learning new dance moves and thanking my lucky stars.

Happy Mother’s Day!