QUIZ: Who Said It: Kanye West or Donald Trump?


By now you may have heard Kanye’s surprise endorsement of Donald Trump. To be fair, Kanye admits he didn’t vote. Maybe he showed up at his polling place and announced, “Ima let you all finish voting, but Bernie Sanders had the best campaign of all time!” I wouldn’t argue with the sentiment, but I think they send you away without an “I voted!” sticker if you pull that kind of shit.

In any case, Kanye West did say that, were he to participate in the plebian act of declaring an opinion in a curtained off voting booth sans audience, he would have voted for Donald Trump. That sounds kind of surprising…for about three seconds.

Kanye West and Donald Trump aren’t that different. Both are wealthy egomaniacs who pretend they want to be president. (West recently announced he would consider running in 2020. Remember when that would have sounded crazy? Me too. Good times.)

So, the question is: Can you tell who said it?

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