10 Ways to Get Over the Winter Blues

This winter sucks, you guys.  SUCKS.  I don’t think I can handle another week of subzero temperatures and slip ‘n slide roads, let alone another couple months of that, without stripping down to nothing but my birthday suit and running amok in my neighborhood, sucking on my son’s old pacifier […]

11 Mistakes New Teachers Can’t Afford to Make

Teaching is a stressful and sometimes emotionally draining profession whether one’s in her 5th year or her 25th, but it’s especially hard on those new to the job.  The first few years are taxing as one learns how to plan curriculum, provide feedback, and manage a classroom all on one’s […]

How Toddlers Spend Bath Time

In an attempt to prepare future parents for what they can expect when bathing their toddlers, I’ve conducted a very scientific study to determine the percentage of time toddlers spend doing certain activities during bath time.  Very scientific.  The results are telling as well as critical to understanding early childhood […]

So You Think You Can Teach?

And teach well?  Thinking about studying to become a teacher?  Contemplating switching careers?  Believe teachers are just glorified babysitters?  If any of these applies to you, read on to see if you really have what it takes to make it in this profession. Requirement 1: Content Knowledge This one is […]

Self-Publishing: What Writers Need to Know

I recently self-published my first book, and while I’m still a novice (and there’s A LOT more I have yet to discover), there are some things I’ve learned throughout this process that I wish I  had known before beginning it.  Though my experience is unique to CreateSpace, an Amazon-affiliated self-publishing […]