As parents, we have all told the occasional lie or two to our kids. OK, fine. Maybe more than two. A lot more than two, OK?
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Lies All Parents Tell Their Children

As parents, we have all told the occasional lie or two to our kids. OK, fine. Maybe more than two. A lot more than two, OK?

Whether you like to think of yourself as a completely honest parent or you go all out with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, I think we all can agree we have told a little white lie to our kids a time or two. Sometimes they are said in moments of complete desperation and sleeplessness; other times, they just seem like the right “parent” thing to say.

Here are 16 lies all parents tell their children.

1. “I know, I’m sad that it is bedtime, too.” In reality, I’m singing Hallelujah choruses in my head.

2. “You are the cutest kid in the whole world!” We all say this to our kids. It cannot be true in every case; there can only be one that is THE cutest. (And it’s both of my kids.)

3. “Maybe we will do that (fill in blank of random thing they are asking to do) next week.” They have no idea when next week is and will most likely have forgotten by then.

4. “Daddy and Mommy were just wrestling.” I’ll leave that one to your own interpretation.

5. “Yes, that is a space ship in the sky!” My son thinks jets are spaceships. I let him have this one because why not?

6. “Okay, just a minute.” Most of the time I actually mean this one when I say it, but then I forget. They always remind me, though!

7. “Yea, that’s awesome!” This is my response to a lot of things, usually because I can’t understand what they are talking about or because I cannot figure out what that drawing is supposed to be of.

8. “It isn’t morning yet because the sun isn’t awake.” This is the winter lie.

9. “It isn’t morning yet. The sun accidentally woke up too early. He is going to go back to sleep now, too.” This is the summer lie.

10. “That food is really yummy; it’s what sharks eat!” What sharks eat? Why does that make it more appealing?

11. “Oh no, all the (insert holiday here) candy melted. Want some grapes? You love grapes!” We definitely ate it all, and I feel kinda bad about it, but they really do love grapes.

12. “If you eat all your veggies you will grow strong like the Hulk!” It isn’t going to take them long before they realize that this isn’t true.

13. “Of course Mama always eats all of her veggies!” Pfft! No, I don’t.

14.  “All the electronics are dead right now and have to be charged.” This one always bites me in the butt because now I can’t use the electronics.

15. “You can be anything you want to be!” All the money, power or fame in the world and my kid still couldn’t be Captain America (there can only be one Steve Rogers).

16.  “We should always tell the truth; it is really bad to lie.” Hmm…is this one a lie? Or am I just really bad? Parenting is hard, don’t judge!

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