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Ivanka Trump Says She Tries to ‘Stay Out of Politics’ and That’s Not How Any of This Works

In an interview with Ainsley Earhardt of “Fox & Friends” Monday, Ivanka Trump said she tries to “stay out of politics” as it pertains to the advice she gives her father regarding his tweeting problem habit.

That’s right. A top White House “Assistant to the President” tries to stay out of politics. Because that makes sense.

To be fair, Ivanka Trump readily admits to Earhardt that she never “profess[ed] to be a political savant.” So…

Listen. I’ll be the first to ask what it is she does around there anyway and agree that, given her questionable qualifications, it’d probably be good for everyone if she (and her father, for that matter) decided to stay out of it as much as possible, but when you have assumed a position that requires you to assist the President of the United States, I’m gonna throw shit at a wall here and say politics should probably be the only thing you try NOT to stay out of.

In related news, the following people, inspired by Ivanka Trump’s candor, have made declarations of their own:

Teachers will try to stay out of education

Scientists will try to stay out of science

Doctors will try to stay out of medicine

Astronauts will try to stay out of space

Architects will try to stay out of the business of building things

I mean, shoot, as a mother to three boisterous young boys, I’m going to jump on this train and try to stay out of parenting as much as possible. Because that’s apparently how we do things now.

Somebody pass me the mind bleach. We’ve reached the point where attempting to erase the past year entirely is going to be easier than continuously trying to apply logic to it.