Internet Furious over Working Mom Whose Kids Interrupted Conference Call​

By MockMom Contributors

This week, in a live BBC television interview, a female correspondent for the network got an unwanted interruption when her kids burst into the room in the middle of the interview.

It was neither funny, nor adorable. In fact, many viewers were outraged that a so-called “work-from-home” mom would be so negligent.

Here are just a few of the comments we obtained from the BBC webpage:

“How unprofessional. This is why women shouldn’t multitask. They are far too emotional.”

“Another example of lazy parenting.”

“Has anyone called CPS on her for when she tried to shove her kid out of the shot? I’m concerned.”

“Those children are horribly behaved. This wouldn’t have happened if she had breastfed.”

“A woman’s place is taking care of her husband, kids, and home.”

“I hope that interview was worth scarring your children for life, you fucking bitch. Also, everyone knows that walkers are a safety hazard.”

“This is exactly why women shouldn’t be in the workforce.”

“If you weren’t so selfish, you would be paying attention to your kids instead of working.”

“I don’t understand why she couldn’t just pick them up and do the interview with them on her lap.”

“Who was watching her kids? She’s an unfit mother.”

“Seriously, people like this should not be allowed to have children.”

“She deserves 70% of a man’s pay for being such a spectacle.”

“There is NOTHING funny about this; this is child abuse!!!”

“How dare she continue with that interview?! Her kids obviously needed her. This was a cry for help.”

“She obviously doesn’t give her children enough attention.”

“Also, she’s only like a 4. Lose some weight, fat ass.”

“Less lip gloss and hair extensions, more supervising your disrespectful children, please.”

“You’re sacrificing your children’s childhood so you can be an ‘independent career woman.’ This is what’s wrong with the world today.”

Viewers did have one positive thing to say about the video: They unanimously agreed that the father who eventually grabbed kids out of the room is the best dad ever. He is being hailed as a hero for the vague interest he showed in his children for that nanosecond. He’s even been offered a book deal and his memoir, detailing how he became such an amazing father, is slated for release in 2019.


Special thanks to the following contributors:

Melissa Coble, Serena Dorman, Leslie Gaar, Sara Wells Green, Crystal Lowery, Mia Marie, and Joanna McClanahan