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In Case You Don’t Feel Old Enough, Here Are 20 Things That Turned 20 in 2017

I often say I’m an 18-year-old trapped in an 80-year-old’s body.

On the plus side, I have the spirit of a young one. I still love the music the kids are listening to these days (never mind the fact that I say things like “kids” and “these days” in the same sentence), I haven’t yet surrendered my eye for trendy fashion to sensible shoes and polyester pants, and I am always down to party like a rock star (so long as we’re calling it quits by about 11-ish; being an adult is exhausting).

On the other hand, my body hasn’t fared its 30-something years very well. I’ve inherited my dad’s osteoarthritis, bad joints, and degerative disc disease; things like lunchtime face lifts are looking pretty appealing; and I often can’t get up off the couch or roll over in bed without throwing something out of whack.

Despite these physical ailments,┬áthe thing that really crushes my youthful swagger is when I learn that something from my childhood or teenage years is now considered retro. (Case in point: There’s now a “throwback” hip hop radio station in my area playing music from my college years. OUCH.)

So you can imagine the hit my ego took when I learned that these staples of 90s popular culture turned 20 this year. TWENTY. I’ll give you a moment.

Check them out below, and try to avoid the temptation this reality check might spark to stock up on denture cream and adult diapers.

It’s OK. We may be getting older, but we’re still cool. Possibly.


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